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Forms, Trains and Photos

I have no idea when I last updated, but this week has been mostly a blur. I have piles of unopened posts and am rivalling Homer Simpson for healthy diet.

On the plus side I have completed a job application (I'm not sure I want it, but it's all good practice), I've realised what a stupid idea it is to get the train to Norwich (4 hours there, 5 hours back) and I now have a printed portfolio with about 80 photos in it.

The latter could do with trimming, but davefish said he'd like to see some for Whitby so I assume by that he means that "everyone I know will love having it pushed in their face". I've been very "worksafe" with it and only included one bare nipple.

So, apologies in advance if I inflict it on you - all in a good cause.

Now, someone said something about packing...

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