Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I tried something different this Whitby. The first time I went I hung around with boglin and jfs and had bad photos taken of me. This social leper engaging in conversation by association was my survival approach until the coming of the camera. Then I discovered that I could avoid making conversation by hanging around at the front and competing for stage space with _mrx_. Then davefish ruined that by being all friendly :-P

This time I tried something different - rather than obsessively take photos, or practice the ancient Chinese art of conversation I tried to do both. And... it worked!

I managed to take some photos, and I managed to have conversation! Flushed with success I even engaged strangers in conversation on TWO occasions!

Of course, I've got a huge rant about social circles, friendship, more than friendship, not knowing how to know the level of friendship; then a less introspective rant about cake and how wonderful the sea is especially when it gets a bit rough; and finally at the bottom of the seriousness scale are PVC and sproingy hair.

But I can't be bothered with all that. I can't even be bothered to moan about queue jumping at the 80s night (not as bad as usual in my opinion).

So, Whitby April 2005 - I had a good time despite a couple of wrinkles. I'll probably even go to the next one - but I have to survive Infest first!

Now, where's the diet and guide to "alternative hairstyles for the discerning alternative gentleman".

Oh, and finally - go look at http://www.venomandbootle.com/; and look behind the cut at some of the band photos I took this weekend. Many more, plus some "holiday snaps" of "Six go mad on a boat", soon.

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