Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Moving House?

More like moving websites. Yesterday was partly spent geeking on da Interweb - I'm trying to cut down from three web-hosts to one, and that of course means chucking hundreds of MB of pictures up and down the line, recoding from ASP to PHP and other acronym-fests.

The net result should be a tidier, slicker site - but I'm still a little bit away from that. Oh well - something for the next couple of days.

Last night was SNFNGS again. I volunteered as emergency-parachute-DJ again. I wasn't needed again. Although it might sound otherwise, this doesn't worry me at all - I can validate my existence by feeling useful without actually having to do anything. Result! As part of the Pre-Infest diet I went on the bike - and cycling along main roads is still fun!

I did manage another good deed there - I'm not quite sure what I said, but it seemed to make a difference. The only worry I have is that I was being quite serious and sober again. I am considering practising vacuous and trivial conversation in the mirror so I can better fit in.

I also drank most of the grapefruit juice in their fridge (better than the Edwards response of "What do you think we are - a f'ing wine bar?!") and this morning managed to make porridge without spraying the inside of the microwave with it for the first time ever.

Now, back to coding I guess, maybe a bit of OU later too...
Tags: dj, website

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