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Yesterday, in an effort to escape coding-hell (which was at the stage where it worked, then I tried to tidy the code up, then it stopped working - and repeat), and to celebrate the reappearance of quondam from the neo-pagan-ritual, we wandered off in search of HHGTTG. The experience started well, with trailers for:

  • EpIII - It'll be great

  • Some Vin Diesel Film - Just say no!

  • Batman Begins - Woo! I want a Batmobile!

  • Something else - I've forgotten already

  • Kingdom of Heaven - Looks nice, despite a wooden leading man, and even the trailer looked like a remake of Gladiator
it was on to the main event.

I was under a bit of a dark cloud, but I tried to give it a fair crack, only it really didn't work for me. The humour was forced, the acting frankly terrible and apart from a couple of points where I laughed I felt it totally without wit and almost entirely without merit. Obviously the ultimate question should be "What is the actual humour content of this movie, in seconds?".

Today - something productive. Honest.

Oh, and this is the best "Conservative Party Poster" I've seen here.
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