Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Despite having to go on my own (scary stuff!) last night at Diamond Rendezvous was actually quite good fun. It was made better by meeting some very friendly people on the door, discovering oldnick inside, being saved from fashion faux-pas by Danandanne, and getting some good snaps.

It wasn't really my music, or my people, but it was quite chilled, quite eccentric and while the cover charge was a little ~ouch~ the bar (I'm told) was reasonable. Many people made a bit of an effort to dress up which was nice, and also managed to completely destroy the clique/dress tribal barriers. They weren't "trendies" or "dance music fans" they were "people". Strange come to think of it.

The next one is in June, on a Thursday and the theme is World Folk. I'd encourage Brum types to come along. Last night the acts finished at about 12:30 so it's not too late - even for a school night.

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