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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
I've done the deed, passed back my faithful old friend and am now without laptop - for at least a few days until I get a new one. Still, the cold turkey is just around the corner...

Now this might not be a bad thing, except for the fact that I've got a day in Durham tomorrow and I just know I could spend time productively on the train continuing the freelance work I've been doing.

In fact, I think I've worked harder this week on consultancy work than I did when I was working full-time. Tomorrow will kinda be an exception as while I'm going for a meeting, most of the day will be travel. Still, will be £250 quid in my pocket at the end.

Of course, as well as the laptop I've finally swapped mobile phone. I'm going to post the new number for those I didn't email in a protected post following this - so if you can't see it - and want it - email me - kneeshooter(at)livejournal.com.

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