Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Spare me 5 minutes guvn'r?

As part of an incremental development process and with the help of expert professionals (well, kingandy and berrega) I've been redesigning my website to make it less pretentious and in general a bit "leaner".

I thought it sensible to pause now and ask for some opinions/comments especially on screensizes and browser compatibility. I've listed points as questions, but I'm not going to do a poll rather encourage free-text answers.

The current site is of course http://www.disturbing.org.uk/ which has a very long portfolio page sorted by Headline/Support then date. It has a section for thumbs in the centre of the list where I blitzed it once, then never kept it up.

The new site design is supposed to be simpler, and also separating out "portfolio" from "archive" images.

q.1 - Is this separation good thing in general?

The new front page of the site (example at will offer a (random) sample image which will link through to the correct Portfolio page. At the moment these all link to the same example.

q.2 - Is the idea right?
q.3 - What's your opinion on the design?

Each section (Muisic/People/Places) will have a page like with a small number of thumbs (not all Slash in the final version!) that will change the image in the centre (not all Justin Sullivan!). The links in the grey box will all be live (at the moment only "Band Archive" down are working).

q.4 - Does the layout work for you in general? Any comments on design, font sizes etc.?
q.5 - Are the image sizes about right? (Thumbs, Landscape and Portrait)
q.6 - Does it look like I'm limiting to roughly the right number of images?

The "Band Archive" links offer access to all the gigs I've shot - listed by artist, venue or date (each link goes to a different search).

q.7 - Are these the right searches to have?
q.8 - Are the results presented sensibly?

Finally the last section in the menu bar is "Most Recent Five" which goes directly to recent gigs (based on date of gig, not date of addition).

q.9 - Do you think this is useful?

Any other suggested improvements/additions/...

q.10 - Tell me more...

Thanks for your time!
Tags: website
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