Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Alabama 3

It should have been a good gig.
It should have been fun.
However, after getting in, finding there was no pit, crap lights and it was full of tw*ts I soon changed my mind. Stayed for three songs, got almost 200 shite shots from exactly the same postion while being jostled by idiots pressing full pints into the small of my back who didn't understand me when I said "Give me a break and I'll f*** off in 5 minutes", then got back on my bicycle and headed for the station.

Shame, they were going all guns - at least once they'd actually started (9:30 and had no support act) and had it been comfortable/easy to stay I would have enjoyed hearing the rest of the gig.

Of course, if any of the photos turn out to be half decent I'll be much happier. Watch this space.
Tags: gig

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