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It's been pointed out that my earlier response of "Cycling" as something that relaxes me seems a bit odd, so after some careful research this afternoon I'd like to clarify my thinking while on the bike.

Certainly it's not always relaxing in a traditional sense, but can be that, can be exhilarating and can just be a bit odd. Some of you might know (and pax_draconis will no doubt point and laugh) that I have a strange desire to be in some kind of serious accident. Not in a getting hurt sense - but to be on a train or plane when it crashes for example. I want to walk away, but at the same time there's an adrenaline hit there somewhere. Anyway, back to the point - when I'm cycling on the road I am quite aware of both other hazards and how other road users are selfish c*nts on the whole. So while I weave my way through traffic, refusing to ride in the gutter, I find myself imagining what it would be like to be hit by some of the other vehicles. And what creative expletives I would have for the other party involved.

I never said I made sense. Maybe I shouldn't have ever read Crash.

Maybe I should just go to Alton Towers. They seem to have this new really silly ride that accellarates to seventy-billon miles an hour in three seconds, and is called Rita.
Tags: cycling
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