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Six Songs - Valid for perhaps the next 10 minutes.

Current favourite six songs/Infect six others/Retire to safe distance

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Current in my case is currently influenced by the same CDs that have been in the car for months...
  1. Reise Reise - Rammstein. I like the start of the song best, and pretty much only because of the association with the Nottingham gig. Our little German friends put on a lovely show.

  2. Antique - Soman. It's dangerously close to slow dance music (rather than slowdance music) but has some well placed samples and picks the listener up and carries them along for 4:31.

  3. Chrome - VNV Nation. I'm sorry - I know it's only got slightly more credibility than McDonalds. No, I can't even attempt to justify it.

  4. Their Law - Prodigy/PWEI. It's neither band's best song, but it's got a kick in it and the track together is greater than the sum of its parts.

  5. Here Comes the War - New Model Army. This is one of the NMA songs that seem to rotate as my "favourite". Great to stomp to, great to shriek along to.

  6. Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails. Trent at his bontempi best. He's angry and he's not afraid to take it out on his soft toys. It's a bit slow by current standards, and lyrically infantile, but still...
Hmm, victims... berrega, pax_draconis, leebth, immerwahr, jul1et, esrunkatsu

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