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[GPP] Mötley Crüe

Blimey it's hot!

So, despite being promised "One Photo Pass; Guest List +1" last night I ended up with "One Photo Pass; One Guest List" so gave the pass to rjstra and contended myself with just taking photos then going into town.

"Three songs" the man said - then kicked us out after two. This rather threw my plans, but still - I came, I saw, I took some pics. Despite being warned I'd "hate it" I was kinda ok with what I heard, but then I didn't pay money for it, didn't stay long, and had earplugs in.

Enough wittering, some pics and a link below. Hopefully miss_soap will provide a review on Monday, and then I can lay this assignment to bed relatively easily. Oh, and I shot another band who just happened to be in Edwards before the club room opened. Oops - more for the backlog.

Today I am mostly dehydrated.

Motley CrueMotley Crue
Motley CrueMotley Crue

Set at http://www.disturbing.org.uk/portfolio-mc-brum05.htm
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