Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

The King & I

Last night I went, with a rather hot-and-bothered quondam, to see The King & I at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

It started well, in the sense that we had the right night, and found our seats. Then it unfortunately went downhill. In retrospect I should have seen the warning word "romantic" and noticed the demographic of the rest of the audience and fled with my tail between my legs.

I spent the first half of the performance being absolutely ashamed about what was going on on stage - with the cod-oriental accents and blatant racist stereotyping. I appreciate this was probably an overreaction, but was not helped by some members of the cast being about as Asian as Chicken Tikka Masala, singing rather banal songs. I also find it a bit odd listening to musicals with odd and patchy amplification - I'm used to singers being able to sing, and project their voice - not quite tinny moppets who sound creepily like Davros. The second half was slightly better, but maybe that means I was just resigned to the continued aural assault.

The weekends amusements have been rather dashed by the cancellation of the Neuroticfish gig, but I'm considering going to the not-post-show Party after a smattering of SNFNGS; and then to perhaps my favourite English Heritage property - Stokesay Castle - on Sunday.

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Tags: musical, theatre
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