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Morning Penance

In no way have I been out to all the places I intend to. Some of them I've just not gotten around to yet, while others (mainly comprising alternative music festivals in Germany) simply scare me to the point that I need promises of being looked after to at least a cursory degree before I contemplate finding my passport.

However, nowhere on any of these lists does "Reflex - the 80s Bar" appear. Plus even if I did go - being dressed as a pirate wasn't even on the same planet.

So why, gentle reader, did I end up last night first wandering up Broad Street, then sitting in a club wearing a Tricorn hat and some LRP kit, singing along (in my own semi-private way) to music I completely failed to appreciate when it was first released?

Actually, I'm not really asking for forgiveness, but rather to understand myself a little better. And good excuses why I shouldn't check my goth card on the way out, and leave the building.

Certainly had some fun moments though...

Oh, and the KoL/Features review is up at http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/content/articles/2005/06/27/kol_feature.shtml. The slightly sarcastic comment I included relating to the photo-pass ambiguity in the cover email seems to have been included in the review - ooops.

And finally a poll - help me justify something I'm going to do anyway, probably, through an exercise in LJ-democracy. I promise to consider all points of view...

Poll #524153 New Bicycle

Should I buy a new bicycle?

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