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Massive Catch-up

This has, in some respects, been a long time coming. For various reasons I had a falling out with my PC, and was in such a navel-gazing self-indulgent mopey mood that the last thing I wanted to do was share it with the unwashed LJ masses.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) I'm over all that now, so some tales of what I've been up to since my last proper post on 5th July (cripes).

There was Maelstrom. This was remarkably pleasant considering I had to camp; I've put some photos up - and I managed to survive an incredibly hot weekend armed with a waterbottle and a silly floppy hat. Thankfully these events are getting easier as time goes on. The people who I work with are just so talented I sometimes have trouble spontaneously hugging them.

Then there was Rammstein. I've seen the show before, earlier in the year at Nottingham. This time was better in some respects (fewer idiots) but having seen the show before, and no support this time (Apocalyptica were great) meant that it wasn't quite as good an experience.

In a personal crusade against terrorrism I've been to London twice since the bombs started, in both cases without really thinking about it. The second time involved the launch of the grassroots[xposed] exhibition at the Boogaloo. I managed to effectively waste the networking opportunity by spending the time talking to my brother - pausing only to bemoan modern music and how all people seem to be interested in is floppy haired geeks and their guitars - rather than appreciating a good sequencer. This was accompanied by the admission that I do actually quite like Combichrist - despite having been none-too-bothered about seeing him at Infest previously. Oh well - tastes change.

There was a HoG party which was mostly fun. Some pleasant company, a very pleasant offer that hopefully might even be carried through. We shall see. Made marginally more amusing by another experience I'm not going to relate on LJ mind.

Oh, and the cause of my despair? Losing 150GB of photos in a hard drive mishap. This left me rather annoyed at the time. I've managed to get 99%+ of them back, and now have, shall we say, a better backup regime than I had before.

I now need to take more photos - sign up here!

Or at least I will after a weekend in a wet field dressed for the Mediterranean sunshine. Perhaps a slight miscalculation there.
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