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Jesus Jones

Last night, at the idea of the delightfully Smart lupercal I saw Jesus Jones at the Academy. No photo-pass, but a couple of guest lists to experience a band I was vaguely aware of. Not too bad in all - they could still hit many of the old notes, and it was just slightly unfortunate that most of the bands looked more like insurance salesmen than rock stars these days. Oh well.

I've had a couple of trials over the last couple of days, dashing around the West Midlands by bicycle and bus. It meant to be all by bicycle, then I got 12 miles from home, had a puncture, no money, no wallet and no repair kit. Oooops.

Then yesterday, having borrowed funds to get home by bus, I went out collect the bike, got lost in Tipton (reading a map while cycling is so not my forte), found West Bromwich and eventually got myself home. 25ish miles over two days, just after cross country pantomime, so not too bad. Must do some more later... even if Operation c2c seems to be on the rocks.

Oh - and interesting link on Making The Corpse Bride.
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