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Everytime I tidy my room I find the same kinds of thing. Frist there are the memories, then there is the LRP kit, the recycling and finally the rubbish.

Today I've merged all my LRP kit into one place, or at least one house. This is itself full of memories- my first robe, the costume I wore at my first Gathering and more plate armour. I look most fondly at the box of costume titled "Treasure Trap - Would not be seen dead in this now". There's many, many weekends of my life, and perhaps a class of degree, in that box. Brightly coloured polycotton was the order of the day. I don't want it. I can't see myself ever using it. I can't bring myself to bin it. I wonder if it still fits?

There are also the relics of projects passed - half-made costume, large boxes of charity shop sheepskin and suede jackets, wool in various colours and finishes. I shouldn't ever have to buy costume again. I must finish making some of it up at some point. If only to then look at it, smile, then put it away in a box forever.

A week after Odyssey I'm still on a high. I can't make Sunlight as I'm busy with real-life, but I'm getting tempted by Vikings. I've "rowed-the-old-longship" along in the past, but I suspect that another Maelstrom will remove my enthusiasm, or I'll have to take harrytc's advice of "Lie down. Rest. Towels and water."

Finally, I found a note in my paperwork. I don't recognise the handwriting, or the quote:

I hope nothing

I'm not afraid of anything

I'm free
Tragically, writing this some long dormant synapses have fired, and rather than a profound comment to live my life by - I think it's a translation of a t-shirt. Oh well...

Edit: A Google later - all my romantic hopes are dashed. I was right about the t-shirt.
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