Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Movie Night

I'm not a tidy person. This isn't much of an admission to those people who actually know me IRL. On the inside I have a sense of order, and everything has a place - but in practice to find anything in my life involves some kind of Zen navigation around a series of identical plastic boxes.

So, this weekend was mostly spent feeding animals and moving stuff out of living areas into storage areas. Exciting eh!

Ok, that's not entirely true - I did get to SNFNGS which was the usual soap opera, and last night I had an evening in with company and DVDs. First up was The Pillow Book, followed by Dogma.

The former I'd not seen before, but had some ideas about and was most enjoyable, and not just because a young Ewan Macgregor spent most of the film demonstrating how beautiful people don't need clothes. Ok, so it's a bit pretentious-art-wank at times but is visually confident and engaging.

Dogma certainly has its faults, but it made me smile. It appeals to my irreverent sense of humour and despite turning an early night into a late one gets the thumbs up, again.

House-sitting, as I am at the moment for while the Vikings(boglin & lupercal) are on their Orkney Saga, is always interesting. You learn a lot about people's lives, and understand why they are so odd. I know I would be if I woke up every morning with three pairs of staring feline eyes looking at me. They are cute though. Plus, certainly in that house I never feel alone - it's having a portrait of the house owners together on at least one wall in each room...

Oh and good-gig news. 99% sure of Skinny Puppy pass tomorrow in Nottingham, and the chance of an interview with them (and kantti to do all the hard work). Very exciting.

And a final note - a lovely missive from mr_h_r_hughes:

Your LJ post continue to make me happy, this new Simon who's all ethusiastic about role-playing is wonderful!Where did you find him and do you really think, as you claimed you did, that Mailshot will put him back in his box and once more release the other more usual Simon (you know the one, the result of hideous experiment involving splicing the genes of Eyore and Oscar Wilde
Made me smile.
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