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Bleurgh M40...

Yeah - this is another one of those notes.

On the plus side had an ace night last night, with all sorts of interesting people - and then gassed into the early hours occasionally pausing to focus my rage on the external HD I possess which really wasn't happy.

Unfortunately a late night was followed by a very early morning. In my best domestic stylee I woke lupercal with a cup of tea (not literally) and we were ready to go just after 6:45am. Which is far too early. Opened the front door to be greeted by snow. This was clearly not good. Cleaning the car was ok, and it passed the first ABS skid test fine (not even enough to wake me up with the adrenaline). We crawled to the M42 - so far so good. The motorway itself was ok, though I was doing 60-70 rather than 80-90, and we got to MOD-Land (sorry - Bicester) at 8:15 - only 15 minutes late for Simon. Then however, it took me 1:15 to drive the 10 miles to my office. Thanks to the good old M40. To say we crawled was an understatement. Approaching the junction the radio was telling me everything was blocked - the M40 at J6 and the A34. I risked the M40 on the basis I didn't know how far the queue stretched back - and it was only a tantalising 1.5 miles from my junction. There I sat. For an hour. Grrrr.

Anyway, I'm here, I have MP3s on this laptop now, and Semagic - and my "impulse purchase iPod" should be with me tomorrow. Hurrah for Apple!

And I just couldn't resist doing the LRP quiz - and as probably widely predicted... I am

omega logo
Omega LRP: the twice-yearly player-led campaign is
for you! Paint yourself ridiculous colours,
blow people up and trade in commodities that
no-one knows the value of or how to use! Plus,
a year-round plot, but watch out! It might get
you killed...

Which LRP system best suits you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tired now. Is it hometime yet?

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