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Actually, that title isn't entirely true - unless your weekend starts on Thursday night, but as I spent most of Friday chasing a my P11D around the house I suppose it kind of did.

Anyway, Thursday. I'm very aware that cycling to meetings leaves me sweaty and feeling a bit icky, so on Thursday I decided to cycle slowly into town. This didn't actually seem to make much difference, so at the rather-dull-meeting hosted by the RDA I sat away from everyone else steaming, this time at least, physically rather than metaphorically. The meeting was very, very dull. I'm sure these things are worthy in some people's eyes, but other than a way to waste a lot of taxpayers money as easily as possible I don't know what these organisations actually do. Oh well...

Thursday evening I headed around to take some artistic nude photographs. This is partly to keep up with davefish as he's been proving he can do Live, I have to do Naked. It was actually a lot of fun/nervous enjoyment. Clearly I can take the camera into (someone else's) bedroom and use it as a social crutch there too.

I took three sets of photos, one of arrangements of bodies, one of bodies with ribbon, and one more intimate/voyeuristic set. Most are, unsurprisingly NWS* but I've put a couple below. Last time I posted a picture of jfs' nipple it started a debate about whether male nipples were more or less worksafe than the female variety, so if anyone is offended please let me know.

Set at http://www.disturbing.org.uk/portfolio/portfolio-at0508.php

Saturday was party time chez quondam. I was almost totally unsociable, and rather than wider conversation spent most of the evening talking to ant_girl who was visiting and drinking 50-50 Archers-Lemonade, resulting in me being on the floor with a headache by midnight. Ibuprofen and bed then...

Sunday I bounced up... then straight back to bed. Even the thought of Dragonfire on UKGold would not get me from my bed, but I did emerge eventually to start an active day. ant_girl is clearly a good influence - or perhaps it's that combined with realisation that the amount of rubbish I ate at the party needs to have some exercise based compensation.

Anyway, first was climbing at the Creation Climbing Centre. I've not been climbing for about 12 months, but managed to get up some 4s, 5s and 5+s without too much hassle, though I did tire quickly. Of course, I took the social crutch with me. links to a page of pics below.

Set at http://www.disturbing.org.uk/portfolio/portfolio-climbing0508.php

Then, rushed back, got on the bicycles and did bike-train-bike-train-bike for a couple of hours. Actually, this should be bike-train-bike-cake-train-bike for me, and bike-train-bike-cake-train-bike-bike-train-bike for ant_girl as we stopped for a snack in Stratford, and then as soon as we returned to Brum she got on a train back to the frozen north. In any case, did about 4 miles around Birmingham, then about 17 from Redditch to Stratford. The latter run was lovely, except where I failed to read the map twice which left us cycling on a main trunk road rather than a nice quiet lane, and the ford we discovered and I stupidly took at full speed - drenching myself to the waist and a passer-by. Ooops.

This morning I am mostly eating more left-overs. No badminton tonight so I shall have to find alternative amusement.

* Unless, like me, you once had to test a pr0n filter at work, that was based on counting fleshtones. Of course, this meant it ignored all black and white photos but forbade access to the corporate homepage which was "orange and white" rather than "black and white". Back to the drawing board...
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