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Now my backlog of photographs is under control I have a backlog of LJ entry. This is nearly as bad for my sanity, but probably better for you lot as it saves you reading it. Instead, a WIDATW

So, the weekend. Bit of a mixed story really. On Friday night nyarbaggytep and Rob (WINOLJ) came around for Chinese which was lovely, followed by much amusement at the LJ-antics flywingedmonkey and debates on pornography and the criminal justice system.

I blame UKGold for my weekends - they now start at 7 or 8am with a dose of Doctor Who, and then I spend the rest of the day recovering. Saturday was especially action packed, not due to Ghost Light especially, but a nip up the M6 to the spiritualist wedding of scary_lady and ellistar. A lovely affair, with cakes, Harts, more cakes and a congregation that was divided for the photos on the basis of which LRP games they played. nyarbaggytep helpfully ran off with camera 3 (the only crutch I took with me) and many people noticed I have facial features for the first time. I could be cynical, very easily actually, but in a rare moment of self control I won't.

Back down the M6 and, after a frantic SMS exchange, off to SNFNGS where I had the great and important responsibility of replacing a sickly boglin. I bravely threw myself into the breach, never straying more than 6" from the side of lupercal and finishing his sentences as often as possible. However, I think I was too happy, didn't drink enough gin and played a slightly different set than she planned:

  • Analogue Brain: Fly in Amber

  • Skinny Puppy: Pro-Test

  • Decoded Feedback: Heaven (Edit)

  • Suicide Commando: Evildoer

  • KiEw: DcDisk [E605 RMX]

  • Laibach: Final Countdown

  • Icon of Coil: Remove/Replace
I would have preferred to play a different Decoded Feedback and Skinny Puppy track, but didn't have the right CDs with me. Maybe next week at Freshers SNSNFNGS (next Sunday) where I seem to have an entire hour to play with (though I have asked quondam to write my set so more people will recognise at least one track).

I amused myself taking photos of breasts El Presidente's limes, and might post some more later. However, for now here's one. Guess the corset? (Click for larger, as ever)

Much flash crime was committed.

From there it was off to HoG for more people spotting. I was most happy to be only an observer of the various goings on. Needless to say the soap opera was in full swing and essential viewing until I finally ran out of energy about 1:30. I wonder if kamalaya got her way in the end...

My only regret on Saturday was not getting to Nottingham to see SBA, but I'd kinda had enough of the motorway by the evening, and no-one else wanted to come along which risked car accident on the way home. Still - next time...

Sunday began with The Curse of Fenric which was passable, if a bit latex-mask-tastic. After that I really meant to sort my life out and get to the BBB, but instead started writing the OU assignment that has to be in next week. Progress wasn't bad. I've now done nearly 4000 words. The good news is that the word limit is only 6000, the bad news is that I should only have written 3000 xo I shall have to take out all the conjunctions and propositions later.

I spent most of the day on OU, which was a bit dull of me, as all work and no play makes Simon a dull boy, but did reward myself with a curry (mmmm) and BSG:2:9 at the end of the day. Finally I slept, and did not dream of NWO. Unlike the previous night.

Final public service announcement. If you want to see my legs again (ref: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kneeshooter/2005/08/01/ and 1) then be filled with joy that the next Odyssey has been announced for the end of July next year. This is jolly good news, but get in quick as the payment plan is "creative" and goes up by about £5 a month from now until next July.

I should stop now.

Oh, and I have a job interview, probably Wednesday, probably early. Good luck to at least one other person who has a (different) interview this week.
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