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Saturday Night is a strange time to be doing the whole WiDATW thing, but as I'm really behind on the whole thing I feel I should take the chance to catch up when I can. Plus I have just gotten up, so while I'm flush with energy...

I went to Newcastle, I wrote some OU, I came home. The way home was punctuated by Girl with a Pearl Earring which looked very pretty but actually spent a long time going anywhere. I sat down for some of it, I stood up for some of it. I was distressed by the majority of people on the train who would not give up their seats for an elderly lady who looked like she needed it. When I'm an elderly lady in need of a seat I'd hope to be given one - that's all I'll say.

Back in Brum I spent time cutting words, printing and packing the report and managed about 6 hours sleep before getting up with cameras in tow for stuartmaher's wedding. Pleasant service, fun reception, and Stu did the most wonderful groom's speech without putting his foot in his mouth once. Some of the LRP conversation had me shaking, but ultimately nice to catch up with various people - some of whom I should add to LJ but frankly my friends list is out of control as it stands. Photos soon, which will no doubt please you all.

Of course, every time I've had cause to look at the report since I find another mistake. C'est la vie.

There being no rest of the wicked I raced back from the reception to a club. It took me an hour to adjust to where I was, leaving me a bit disconcerted and with the feeling I wasn't quite doing things right. However, we shall see how things pan out and I reserve the right to remain cryptic.

Sunday was lunch with many people, then off the SNSNFNGS (Special Freshers Edition) which I have already mentioned in passing. Nicely busy, though frankly they are all far too young for any dirty thoughts. Except for maybe one or two. Not many. Honest.

Last week, after the job-fiasco, I rediscovered my will to work. This has been pretty positive and I feel I might yet have something to talk about at further interviews. Yes, I am that transparent. Rejection letters flooded in and I have a couple more for my collection. Next time, oh yes...

Last Night (see, almost there) was Scarlet. This taught me a number of lessons:
  • Sparkling wine-related drink plus fake Red-Bull is undrinkable

  • I don't especially like fetish-dance-hybrid clubs

  • People are fun. I should spend more time talking to them

  • I need more sleep

  • Freshers are a danger to themselves

  • I like my weddings/funerals tie

  • Gas masks can look great

  • holaholaamigos enjoys living dangerously

  • No hair can look very sexy
Today, after a massive 5 hours sleep I got up, paid my car tax and went to a day school on exam revision. I surprised myself by managing to stay awake until I got home, then fell over and slept for a couple of hours. And there we are.

Now I can get on with the photo-spam.

Oh, and passes have been obtained for Queen Adreena and Killing Joke. This is a good thing. I shall probably get lupercal a Queen Adreena t-shirt or similar memorabilia to help clutter up his hospital bed.

Finally a pox on death-of-rats. Two in one week is not a good score for the home team.
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