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Nail biting?

This morning was much better than other mornings - mainly due to the fact I decided to leave at 9:30 rather than 7:00.

I got to work with a mission, to sort out that I was going to get paid - after having realised I don't have a contract yet. And of course I don't have a contract because I hadn't sent back the Occupatuonal Health form - so that was a little job to do.

It was an epic - talking about the jabs I've had (some, sometime in the past), how much I'd been off work, skin complaints and then the best question of all - have I suffered (is that the right word) from Nail Biting. Ok....

Still, this evening should be better as I have but 6 miles to commute to new weekday home. Hurrah! I just hope it has good 'net access.

Had very mixed weekend. Went to Preston Saturday daytime, miscommunication meant I missed a night out I probably wouldn't have been awake for anyway. The meeting itself was very mixed. I let myself go into drama-queen mode a little. Wrote some GD downtime too which I must sort out finally later. Cleared some air on Sunday in a way that needed to be done - but wasn't especially pleasant. Note to self - communicating better and being more honest should apply to everyone. Went to the Cinema to see "Chicago" which was well done. Especially, as has been touted elsewhere, the marionette scene.

Should do some work now - or at least put Winamp on...

And today was Car Tax day - ouch! Resolved to look at some houses this week if possible and then jump back on the property ladder...

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