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Last night I went to see New Model Army. The last couple of times I've taken a camera and set myself away from the rest of the crowd - crouching in front of the barrier, or climbing the balcony. Somehow apart, observing rather than participating. I've not found it difficult to get passes for the gigs, but last night I decided that instead of taking the social crutch instead I'll pack a clean t-shirt to change into and have a dance.

There are few bands that deliver the kind of consistent performance of NMA. There's been a few changes of course - Justin now needs a haircut and the new guitarist plays a very low-slung rock-style; but the crowd is mostly the same, the beats are the same and the bruises I won in the mosh are familiar old friends.

I know I would have enjoyed taking the camera and getting some photos, but I enjoyed getting batterd, pushed, sweating and having my glasses bent into odd shapes even more.

There was a grin on my face.

Today I have work to do. Tomorrow I have to give another talk, go to see Steve Vai and at some point I need to do two application forms before Friday.

Anyone interested in reviewing Dio on Friday? ephraim?

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