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On and on...

My life seems to switch between two extemes. The first is unpleasantly dull and boring where I remain undermotivated, unpressured and frankly sleepwalk my way through my work and home life. The other is where I feel pressured and frantically busy. I think that most of the time I manage to appear to be on an even keel, even when a bit of panic as an emotional release might be sensible.

This week I'm under pressure. I've got a deadline on Friday, which will mean taking a laptop and boundless enthusiasm to Whitby with me; I've not been home for a couple of nights and am going away again tomorrow. This week I've failed completely to write on LJ about my wibbly-woo-wah experiences last week, I've attended a European meeting that was indicative of the worst things about Europe and ~almost~ fixed my dad's PC, but not ~almost~ enough.

Now, as I'm on a train for the forseeable future I'll play catch-up, at least in part.

First, Steve Vai last week. This was actually far more engaging than I thought it would be. If someone had suggested to me that three hours of psuedo-prog would get any mileage from me I'd have laughed, but he was a real professional, a real musician and you have to respect someone who brings their favourite carpet on tour with them. I did write some notes in my phone but as it's just run out of battery I'll have to try and remember all the pithy comments I had stored up. I'm sure there was something about some of the solos sounding like the extended mating call of the bottlenose dolphin; an amusing reflection on the desk fan he had between his monitors to keep his hair looking pretty; abolsute approval for his handling of photographers where we each got our own smile straight down the lens and how his massive array of guitar pedals looked like he'd be fully capable of playing Mechwarrior on it.

The last couple of days I've been in London on a conference. It wasn't actually too bad - actually, the conference meal wasn't too bad - but the frustration level was critical when there were practically no outcomes or action points. I think this means I'm growing up as in the old days I'm sure train, hotel, free food and shopping time would have held my attention in itself. Now I find myself looking for something concrete. Still, I think the unusually large delegation from Latvia (or was it Lithuania) will have enjoyed their shopping in London before flying home...

Yesterday I continued my fight with my dad's PC. It's been driving me nuts for its entire life - firstly it had to be returned twice - it wouldn't boot off an 80GB drive, so I had to put in an 8GB one instead, then add a second as an external for storage etc. Easy you say - only while I was putting on software that didn't previously fit - first the CD drive fails and now the entire system is stuck in a reboot loop. Being 135 miles from my recovery CDs this got me in a tremendously foul mood but I impressed myself and managed to put it down - with plans to come down again next week and have another go. Most annoying though was I had to cancel an offer of tea and conversation as I was both busy attempting to fix it and in an increasingly black and antisocial mood.

Tonight is KMFDM in Nottingham. Or at least will be if I manage to get lots of work done today and decide I have time to sort my life out to get to Whitby - which will be based either on train-to-Nottingham or train-to-York depending. By time time I've packed the cameras I suspect I'll be travelling light.

My avid fans (whoever they are) will be pleased to hear that my photo-blog/disturbingblog will still be updating itself while I'm away.

Hmm, now that's done I'd better get on with my work. If only I had decent mobile connectivity I would be able to research what I'm writing more effectively.
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