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LRP - Bad for your health or what...

It seemed like a good idea - get together, have a chat, eat some food.

But what happened? After a process that was at times about as enjoyable as pulling teeth almost everyone's enthusiasm had been beaten to a pulp, shredded, bathed in acid then finally consigned to a grizzly fate as rat litter.

The only thing to be thankful for really is that this morning, now the dust seems to have settled I'm a bit happier about the whole thing - we definitely made some progress - though there is a small risk of collateral damage.

Mind you, the only thing that saved my sanity was probably leaving the room when the debate on the Realm budget breakdown started. Part of me wanted to care... honest...

I did let myself get rather annoyed with one individual - but then it was pointed out that said individual is peversely only happy when they're moaning. Great - but if they don't do it to me that'll be fine for the future.

What really disappointed me was the people who didn't enjoy it - partly where I was kinda at fault (though the argument of the detail isn't for here!); but more where a few key details "Oh, you funded our army and grew our General did you?!" rather passed some people by... After all the paperwork I enjoyed doing soooo much.

Maybe "The Little Book of Sanreval" needs to be even shorter next time.

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