Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I've just been inspected! Well, not me personally as that would not be the kind of thing I would write about in a public journal. Probably anyway.

Anyayw, actually what I mean is that I've been to the primary-school-where-I-am-vice-chair-of-governors to be grilled by an Ofsted inspector about how the school and governors run. After a shaky start (no-one was sure which committees they were actually on!) it was quite positive. At least, I managed to shamelessly insert half-a-dozen buzzphrases into conversation while keeping a straight face.

I would write more, but Photoshop is making this run very slowly while it goes through last nights photos from Alice. Summary of the experience was:

  • Twisted Sister - Nasty noise, but at least interacted with the crowd

  • Alice Cooper - Better noise, but lousy sound and no effort paid to the crowd
More soon no doubt.
Tags: gig, music, school

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