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Weekend at last, though actually this is the second start for the day. This might ramble as I'm not sure I'm completely with it yet. Here's my week.

Looking back to Monday, I had a bit of a badminton disaster - I'd collected my bike after I thought the problem with it had been diagnosed and repaired, only to find that I'd made a slight error and the problem was still there. In the end I cycled half a mile in the direction of badminton, got off the bike, poked, prodded and checked - to discover I had a bent and twisted chain link. This was (basically) slipping off the rear mech on every revolution - not very good. So, it was back to the shop and I must get it later today.

Tuesday was amusement over the FFAF photo contract. I still believe I made the right decision - and managed to get some more photos done. Massive, massive update clogging your friends list soon.

Wednesday was Alice Cooper. Link to the review has been posted - but my main conclusion is that I'm glad I'm not as short as davefish. Not to be height-ist - but when the stage is 6' tall those extra inches help.

Thursday was Ofsted - hopefully will find out soon how it went.

Friday I didn't do a fat lot during the day except book another skiing holiday (now I need to work out how to pay for them all), then off to Nottingham in the evening. I'm naturally a little "excitable" on the motorway, but when your passenger doesn't arrive until 9:30 and the club only runs until 2 - you have to have a degree of enthusiasm not to spend more time driving there and back than you do at the club.

Nightmare is normally a good club and the new venue isn't bad. I just found it a bit lacklustre. Of course, my paranoia about falling asleep on the motorway on the way back encouraged me to close my eyes and come close to napping and that probably wasn't the best position to start from at a nightclub.

But please, someone explain postmen to me. On Thursday watching the lunchtime news I saw an article about comic collecting and remembered I have an "incomplete" collection of the Gaiman etc. Sandman comics. I've dipped into ebay before, but thought I'd have another look - and lo and behold I could buy the last story (which I need 3 or 4 of - not sure as they are in Southampton) for a tenner. Off to PayPal and they are mine! All mine! Additionally my laptop powersupply is frankly shot. I need to get a new one, so ordered it, it was despatched "Next Day" on Thursday and I sat in all day on Friday waiting for it.

Hopefully it's more bad karma in the bank - with good stuff to come as a result - but there was no sign of a delivery on Friday and the comics this morning came at 7:30. Why oh why does the postman deliver at a stupid hour in the morning on the weekend when I want to be in bed; and yet during the week he turns up midmorning without fail - so if you need something before work then you can whistle for it.

Right - ramble over - off into town to ransom the bicycle and look at some picture frames. I'll put up some more photos soon and the ones I think I'm going to enter in the exhibition after next weekend. Oh, and juggling "What time I get to the Futility Weekend" with "Whether I get to shoot Bob Dylan or not on Friday night".

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