Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Lord of War

Last night, after doing the dull but necessary things that weekends seem to be for, and wandering around Bullring contemplating many and varied ways for mass murder, I popped around to see pax_draconis in his new pad and then trundled off to see Lord of War.

Despite only seeing it because it was the least-bad film on offer, I actually rather enjoyed it. It laid the "guns are bad, m'kay", "people are shit" and "realpolitik? Just say no!" messages on a bit thick and had absolutely no likeable characters, but was well done. The narrative was pretty slick, despite it being quite a long film and it's finest achievement was a very slick switch between black comedy/farce and bleak, humourless, harsh, uncompromising act 3.

Worth a look, as long as you don't want to exit the cinema uplifted. We saw the film at the AMC in Birmingham and it was interesting to note the bars and clubs in the complex, as well as the cinema itself, were pretty much deserted - surely a complex that cannot be long for this world?

Then last night I had a very strange dream about someone on my friends list. Very strange.
Tags: birmingham, film

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