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Do I share a planet with these people?

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4434136.stm

Male and female prisoners should be given free condoms as part of measures to
halt the spread of HIV and hepatitis in UK jails, two charities have said.

But the suggestion of free condoms for prisoners has been condemned by the right-wing Conservative Way Forward group.

Its spokesman Andre Walker told the BBC: "Most people who've been victims of crime don't expect prisoners to be going into jail and having sex and getting involved in relationships.

"I think it's entirely unacceptable and the encouragement of it is pretty wrong in the eyes of most right-thinking individuals."

So, what we should do is bury our heads in the sand, lock the doors and hope they all die of AIDS? Do these people have nothing better to do than enjoy making other people's lives miserable?

Putting aside the rights and wrongs of prison, surely turning a blind eye to this kind of thing is just stupid?
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