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Twas a dark and frosty night, from all over the country the travellers came. Braving the Friday night traffic they converged on a small isolated (it was at least a mile and a half from the supermarket) house. The host was mysteriously absent too, leaving only tea and biscuits in her place.

The seven gathered in the hall. A sense of wrongness was in the air. Then it became clear - there was no television!

After the initial shock it was such a lovely weekend. Warm bodies, lots and lots of cameras, even more photographs taken (we reckon about 3000), much cake eaten, much tea drunk and experimentation in the most fantastic atmosphere.

Personally I only took about 650 shots (which is nothing for me) but did also run a film through (before I broke the camera - shortly after I'd managed to stop myself instinctively looking at the back of the body for a preview after each shot) and get up far too early to take a manual time-lapse over 4 hours.

Expect to be bored stupid by the results, but here's one for now - a self-portrait I can actually bear to look at. No doubt it'll be on the blog soon too. Click for the larger image, as usual.

Self Portrait

So, thanks to davefish for loan of the lights; but most especially to the wonderful company - robcee, hepstar, nyarbaggytep, maleghast, Chiara (WINOLJ) & our model-for-the-weekend lsowersby.

And after all that, had dinner cooked for me too! Winner!

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