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Corrosive Shame
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Shall I pretend to be surprised?
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From: curlwomble Date: November 24th, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Well That's Lucky!

I read that article and wondered "What about the women who don't get husbands?" Not because they should have husbands or anything, but in a society where marriage is the norm, what role do the spinsters play? It makes no evolutionary-competitive sense to heap the reproductive burden onto one woman. Unless as a means of population control, I suppose; the population will grow far more slowly with only 1/2-1/4 (roughly, estimated from the numbers mentioned in that article only) as many women (effectively, only one per prior-generation-mother) having children as ther would be in a predominantly monogamous society. I have a feeling that the arrangement virtually guarantees a very stable population with a preponderance of (labour-optimised) males (great for recruiting Gurkhas).

But what is the fate of the single woman? Or do they take the Chinese Option?
9 lies or Lie to me