Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

So much to say, such little inclination

Actually at the moment I have time on my hands - as I watch the very slow progress bar of a 3.2GB upload to a work server. I can't go anywhere (as it keeps falling over) and can't do much else (as I'm someone else's office as my upload from home is only 256kbps - which would mean a long time for 3.2GB).

So here I am.

Anyway - last week is now mostly a blur - just like looking out of the window on an increasingly white Birmingham. My calendar tells me I was busy - I went out for dinner on Thursday, I went to gigs on Friday and Saturday, then on the seventh day I rested. Dinner was nice - a very "aspirational" italian on the Bristol Road - looking very out of place amongst the curry houses. Quite reasonable, profiteroles and a pizza plate-thing that rotated at high speeds when you spun it with the slightest force. Had I not been hungry I could have amused myself by trying to set discus records across the room.

Friday was to The Prodigy at the NIA with quondam, smittumi and Rob WINOLJ. A bit of a stressful day, partly allieviated by climbing for the first time in a while left me a bit bothered - and when my pics seemed to be, well, a bit shit, left me grumpy. I didn't rate the gig especially and much preferred their outing at the Academy last year. Still, the others enjoyed it and my photos weren't as bad as I thought.

Saturday I started by discovering that "upgrading" to CS2 had removed all the flags off the images I'd sorted. This means I have lost a couple of hours work on my Whitby and Stu & Lisa's wedding shots. However, I didn't get too annoyed and instead went to the gym. I quite like a bit of exercise - it's the motivation I lack unfortunately.

Back, then food and off to Sheffield via Nottingham to collect berrega and Val. I've seen VNV Nation before, and they delivered a solid performance. [:SITD:] were pretty good too - a strong start that lost a little as they went on. Despite many deep sighs from quondam I took the camera and thanks to the contacts of grufti managed to get it into the venue. As avid fans will know, shooting from a fixed position in a poorly lit club isn't my idea of good fun - but I've got a handful of half-decent pics.

Yesterday kinda passed me by. I tidied up a bit, I went to Marks & Spencer (where shopping above ones class is so much fun! A chance to hold ones head high and pretend one fits in) and I collected skis from Snow & Rock (just in time looking at the weather!). One bit of good news though - I've sold a rat photo I had in a show! This makes me very excited! Thanks to dreamfire for providing the model.

This week I've no gigs to shoot (until Saturday) and a couple of very dull days in London (Weds & Thurs). Sunday coming up is Trauma Pet/CombiChrist (assuming trauma_pet has worked out a way to smuggle me in!) then home to wake the parents up. I must also spend money on the car as I noticed I've got very little tread on my tyres.

I can't think of any more procrastination. I can't share any photos as they are on the other PC (but some are on Flickr for the truly bored) and the counter is only to 481MB. I might be here some time.
Tags: car, gig, gym, london, music, photo, rats

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