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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Issues and Risks
First thing this morning my boss called me and the others-who-work-with-me for a meeting. He told them that I was now line-managing them all. This led to mixed reactions. Of the three, they're all older than me, almost certaiinly paid less than me, and in two of the three cases have more experience in the field. Ignoring B, who is pretty chilled about the whole thing there are two - D and N. D has been working here for years, is an ex-Teacher, knows everyone etc. I get the impresison he's happy to carry on as is and probably expects to carry on semi-automously without any fuss. It'll just be someone else approving his leave... N however - short term contract left and more importantly there was a thud when his jaw hit the floor. I suspect he'll be my "problem" - but I should try to avoid preconceptions and see how it goes.

Now, where did I put that management manual?

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