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If any of you are (mis)fortunate to read UPG you'll see a massive ongoing row over photographs at Whitby. This amuses me for many reasons - primarily because I'm not in the firing line and I've had conversations about doing "press" shots at WGW in the past without any joy; and partly because of the package I just recieved in the post.

Some of you might remember In The Nursery who played Whitby in April this year. I was browsing their site a while back and noticed they didn't seem to be aware of my super photos. So, a quick email exchange and in return for use of my photos I have three CDs of their music.

Ok, so I'm betraying the NUJ by selling out my profession - but to me it's not a bad deal - Art for Art. Well, kind of anyway...

In other news, survived London, spent many hours doing photos and cleared 15GB of photos off my HD so I don't need to buy a new pair quite yet.

Here's a set of photos of Queen Adreena from a couple of months ago... (Click for the full set)

Queen Adreena
Tags: gig, music, photo, whitby
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