Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Cancelling Christmas

Last year, as the three or four avid readers I have will remember, I cancelled Christmas and instead made some donations to various charities etc.

Of course this isn't totally altruistic - as it saves me the bother of shopping - but at the same time I think it's about giving something to worthy causes rather than embrace the commerciality of the season which I often find distasteful or even offensive.

So, in a repeat of last year... I'd like opinions on what Charities to include in the list. Last year it was:
  • Amnesty International

  • Dr. Hadwen Trust

  • Friends of the Earth

  • Medicin Sans Frontiers

  • NCDL

  • Sumatran Tiger Trust

  • Shelter
Any comments on additions/removals before I do a poll beginning of next week?
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