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Watch out, Watch out - there's a rat about!

Actually, I think they've all put themselves back after an initial enthusiasm for running over the boy-rat's cage attempting to have ratty-sex through the bars.

So, I'm going to attempt to the Dear Diary crap late at night when no-one is up to read it - on the basis I'll then feel less guilty about trying to say something of more substance.

My quest for diary completeness takes me back, into the misty, murky past of at least a fortnight ago. To show how darned unconventional I am I'm not even going to pretend I've gone for chronological order.

I've been to the IMAX in Birmingham, twice. Someone told me it's not making money - I looked around at the handful of friendless goths and geeks in the auditorium and said "Really?" with a straight face. Brazil was good. Akira was good. The short sci-fi films before the main feature were ok. Knit Your Own Karma was amusing enough, but the one before Akira was a bit "high-concept/poor-narrative". philoko summed it up perfectly with a witty comment about the sound of people trying to be polite - but I've forgotten his exact words, as well as its name.

I saw Combichrist/Kat5can/xp8/Trauma Pet the day after Neuroticfish/Conspiracy. Both fun gigs. One involved getting a bus into Birmingham which made much easier going than driving to Central London - but the latter is always a chance to drive like an idiot and practice new expletives so I can't complain.

After that I went to visit the parental units and did a studio shoot with Trauma Pet. This was ok. Could have been better - and in retrospect I made some silly mistakes - but it was fun, and the visit also removed the need to feel any guilt about doing a parental Christmas. Which is lucky, as I won't be in the country.

I've been climbing twice. I've noticed this gets quite difficult when you have very, very little skin on your fingertips.

Since then I've been to a burlesque club (come along next time - all of you!) which had an excellent Silent Movie skit, watched some TV, done some low-quality headshots in someone's front room and enjoyed watching Malcolm McLaren spray a man with cold water. According to my diary I've done some work, been to Manchester and London, cancelled a dinner date, missed some gigs and watched too much Lost.

Now, I should drag myself away from 24 Hour Party People and go to bed. I hope I am more interesting in the morning.

In the meantime, here's some pictures of VNV Nation.

VNV Nation VNV Nation
VNV Nation VNV Nation
VNV Nation, Sheffield, November 2005

I seem to have failed to get to NMA tonight - oh well - had a lovely curry instead :-)
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