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Meme List Thingumy

Now slightly revised - I noticed one I'd missed on the first pass and so it looked like I was clearly just trying to be jfs... and then I changed a few more just to make his comments appear less accurate!

1. As a child, who was your favourite superhero/heroine? Why?

Define child? I quite like General Zod from Superman II. More than that, I was always into Batman more than Superman, and into Sandman more than that. Other than that I always liked the superheroes that could just change reality around them – so I guess that’s Keanu Reeves then…

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?

A Lego train set.

3. What's the furthest from home you've been?

Australia. Was very cool. Actually was very hot. But was fun and I’d like to there again, and to NZ.

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

To ride a motorbike and to get on with Tai Chi some more. Maybe aikido instead. Something of that nature.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday is packing, Saturday is sittng in an Airport, Sunday is hurtling down a mountain wishing I’d done more exercise recently.

1. [What's your nickname?]:

Jimmy at school (because when I joined the Wargames Club no-one could remember my name), Kneeshooter is self-adopted based on my skill at SWAT 3 and other first person shooters.

2. [Where do you live?]:

Somewhere on the M40.

3.[Describe yourself in 7 words]:

Geek, Masked, Silly, Moody, Crab, Manipulative, Intellectual

4. [Who is your worst enemy?]:

Enemies? There are a number of people I don't like - but I'm trying to retain some sense of Karma balance. I made an effort with one of the people I'd put in this category recently but they clearly had no intentions to appear any more like a reasonable human being as a result.

5. [If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?]:

Rats! But well behaved ones. Maybe a Giant African pouched rat to scare the neighbours.

6. [What is the latest you've ever stayed up]:

Dawn, but only once. I don't know what I did flying back from Australia - then I was mostly confused...

7. [Wallet]:

Two – a black leather one with “everything” in it, and a little business card pouch which holds an (empty) business card holder, some cash, and a single debit card.

8. [Brush]:

Black and red. Stolen.

9. [Toothbrush]:

Green and white electric modern thingumy. Stops me getting over enthusiastic and destroying my gums.

10. [Jewelry worn daily]:

None apart from see q23.

11. [Pillow cover]:

God knows. I’m not even in my own house.

12. [Blanket]:


13. [Coffee cup]:

I have a Disney Hercules one with “It’s Clobbering Time” on it which the job before the last job gave me for Christmas after I’d had the cute baby Disney Pegasus as my Windows background.

14. [Sunglasses]:

Have some prescription ones now, but can never find them.

15. [Underwear]:

All sorts – not boxers.

16. [Shoes]:

Black, sensible. Or black, not sensible. I have some trainers, some indoor trainers and some running shoes.

17. [Handbag]:

None. I have a laptop backpack which I use for most things.

18. [Favorite top]:

NMA hoody!

19. [Favorite pants]:

People choose their underwear rather than just “reach and grab”?

20. [Cologne/Perfume]:


21. [CD in stereo right now]:

Stereo? I have two CD players and one amp. None of them are in the same place as each other, or within 75 miles of me.

22. [Tattoos]:

No. Can't decide on a design I'm going to like in a years time, let alone a lifetime.

23. [Piercings]:


24. [Wearing]:


25. [Hair]:

Long, approaching blonde and thinning.

26. [Makeup]:

Only at weekends. But clearly LRP related not having a lot of self-confidence about experimenting with my appearance too much.

WHAT/WHO (is/are)
27. [In my head]:

Work, and two pairs of people thanks to the MSN conversation I’m having.

28. [Wishing]:

My bloody delivery from Apple will arrive.

29. [After this]:


30. [Talking to]:

Ian A.

31. [Eating]:

At this time in the morning? After the amount I ate last night trying to kill time.

32. [Do you like candles]:

Very versatile, yes. But not the coloured ones.

33. [Do you like incense]:


34. [Fetishes]:


35. [Person you wish you could be with right now]:

I’m quite happy alone at the moment, connected through teh Interweb to others.

36. [What/Who is next to you]:

I’m in someone else’s study – but there are piles of CDs which I think are Angel and Buffy episodes ripped off the net.

37. [Do you believe in love]:


38. [Do you believe in soul mates]:

Kinda. I don’t open up easily, but kinda.

39. [Do you believe in love at first sight]:

Lust yes, Love no.

40. [Do you believe in Heaven]:

I believe in something. Something hanging around the edge of my beliefs never coming into focus. Something I’ve not got around to thinking about yet.

41. [Do you believe in forgiveness]:

I want to. I try to. Sometimes I do.

42. [Do you believe in God]:

See Q.40

43. [What's something that you wish people would understand]:

That life’s as complicated as you make it.

44. [What's something you wish you could understand better]:


45. [What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow]:

Tomorrow? Erm, I want to get up and get into work on time.

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