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Oh the excitement!

Yesterday I spent about 45 minutes in the vet waiting to collect a small rat after her op. This is not normally noteworthy except for some of the other animals, sorry children, in the waiting room and the air of optimism that was in the surgery.

When I arrived it was like walking into a warzone as I had to fight my way to the counter past a horde of identikit brats. There were three or four, I can't quite remember but they were loud, obnoxious, had the kind of haircuts designed to mean minimum time in the barber and give the lice nowhere to hide. They clearly all wanted to be in the consulting room with their no doubt traumatised cat, but the vet was having none of it and was barking instructions to them to get out before she called the police (or something of that nature). This meant they had to amuse themselves in the waiting room. I held my head in my hands, covered my mouth and hoped they all caught something nasty off the other child in the waiting room who was coughing every couple of minutes and clearly couldn't be bothered to even pretend to put his hand over his mouth.

I blame the parents.

The other story is slightly more light hearted - Echo Rat has had two big lumps off, and when I was collecting her the vet suggested a little collar to stop her biting the stitches. "Why the hell not - let's try!" I thought in a moment of clear insanity. Then I waited. I heard commotion. I heard calls for "Staplers!" and then eventually get delivered a sheepish looking rat who is kicking this little collar around the bottom of her cage.

"We tried" said the nurse.

The worst thing? They billed me 58p for it.

In other news, congratulations to barrettyman on his nuptuals (I forgot to mention the boys-LAN-gaming-smelly-stag-do a couple of weeks ago) and a final message to pax_draconis after his NWO posts yesterday...

O Lord, ooh, You are so big…
Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell You.
Forgive us, O Lord, for this, our dreadful toadying and barefaced flattery.
But You're so strong and, well, just so… super.

I wonder if I should tag this as LRP or not?


Book for Odyssey slackers!
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