Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

In lieu of proper content

  1. china mieville:
    "Hunting Squid"? I like his style, I like his imagination. It's the only brasspunk stuff that has ever caught my attention.
  2. flirting:
    The game never ends.
  3. green tea:
    Actually I should take this off - on a caffeine-free kick at the moment which means the only think I'm drinking is Peppermint. The upside is my mood, the downside is having to take my own to conferneces just in case the best I can get is decaf.
  4. latex:
    Ambiguity is your friend. Embrace the ambiguity.
  5. more marmite:
    Is there such a thing as enough?
  6. nwo:
    It's great! I get to be shit to people all weekend and they compliment for roleplaying.
    Plus I enjoy my self-appointed role as King's Fool.
  7. rats:
    Cute, furry, smart. Enough about me - rats make great pets.
  8. sedition:
    There is too much compliance in the world. There's a constant need for challenge and irreverence is to be encouraged not suppressed.
    Dare you!
  9. the culture:
    Recreational drugs that are safe? Sex-changes on tap? Is there a downside?
    Of all literary settings I want to be there!
  10. william gibson:
    The guy who made it all up? The man who can hardly write but founded a genre? The man responsible for Johnny Mnemonic? Ok - everybody has bad days...

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