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Must ... do ... work ... At least after I've done the pax_draconis quiz

1) What do you prefer to be known as, primarily? Online ID, nickname, name, etc.


2) Why?

Cos on one hand I find names very difficult. I don't like people using names to bring together the different bits of my life when I try to keep them separate. The concept of walking into a pub and saying "Hi, I'm FunkydeathbyCabbage" amuses me too much for me to consider ever pulling it off.

3) What do you get out of a LiveJournal?

Communication with people. I feel more "part" of a group of friends now, and I've used it to some degree to explore thinking about things in ways I've not done before. Not the point where I've read poetry - but along those lines "Maybe I'll give that a try..." and so on.

4) Do you post privately? (i.e., do you put posts up for only yourself to read)

Only once so far and that was to a subset - I call it "Trust"...

5) If so, why? If not, why?

That was when I was talking about work things that I didn't want to risk getting out - though the risk was tiny.

6) What's your earliest, coherent memory as a human being?

One of the earliest was at school. I must have been 4 or maybe even younger. It was pre-primary certainly. My mum was late picking me up and I had to stay for lunch. It was served in small coloured tupperware bowls, I think involved Mashed Potato, and had ketchup on it. I hate ketchup. Actually, that might be a slight exaggeration now - as I can cope with it. But I don't seek it out now, and couldn't stand it then. I wasn't happy.

7) What emotion do you primarily associate with that memory?


8) How often do you think of or about that memory?

Not very often. In fact it was about the 4th, going backwards, memory I came across when sorting my brain.

9) Can you remember what you were doing last thursday evening?

Yes. I'd driven back to Birmingham , watched Bufffy and Angel on TV. Wasn't happy because of the snow, and probably talked to people on messenger.

10) How long did it take you to recall that? :-P

Not long - I tend to lead very dull and repetitive mid-weeks.

11) What was your first coherent thought this morning?

It's early - I don't want to get up yet and I've woken before my alarm.

12) Did you dream, that you recall, last night? If so, of what?

I did dream, but I can't remember what about. I think it had something to do with Oxford City Centre.

13) What's your view on giant squid?

Never met one. While I ate them, battered squid rings were nice.

14) Dread or despair - which is worse? Why?

Despair. Even if you dread something there is still hope. No hope at all is disaster.

15) Picture a doll. What's your instinctive reaction?

I had two simultaneous flashes. One was an Action Man (which in my childhood I used to deny was a doll - cos they wos for girls) and a typical porcelain doll wearing lace. A much later third revulsion was about the type of doll that replicates many normal bodily functions. No emotion as such, just fact.

16) Now picture a clown. Again, what's your instinctive reaction?

Tim Curry in "IT". No reaction as such - simply recall.

Word Association: First thing (word or image) that leaps to mind for the words...
17) Self


18) Home


19) Love


20) Sex


21) Death

boglin. (It's the Sandman-goth thing - sorry!)

22) Do you imagine yourself famous?


23) What for, and why?

I'm not a "limelight" person. I'm a "power behind the throne".

24) Have you ever considered acting?


25) ... directing?


26) ... professional writing?

Of stuff other than techie stuff? I know how far my talents (don't) stretch.

27) What does the word "plot" mean?

LRP - it's a word which has been claimed in terms of "default" context. Other than that it means the summary/direction/headlines of a story.

28) What does the word "story" mean?

Who did what to whom, where, when and why.

29) Loud and brazen, or subtle and unnoticed?

Subtle and unnoticed, though I can do Loud and brazen.

More Word Association.
30) Friend


31) Enemy

Matt P. Don't read too much into that mind...

32) Bliss

Dance Music. (It's the name of a group who ran Dance music nights when I was at Uni. I know one of the people who ran them, but never went...)

33) Torment


34) What's missing?

Lots of more personal questions I would have read with the intention of not answering, then would have anyway.

35) Why have you answered these questions?

Work avoidance and to try to appear interesting ;-)

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