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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Occupational Health
Dear old occupational health just called me to quiz me about my form. Ignoring the section which said "Vaccinations: Whatever is normal, it was years ago" they asked me about my broken wrist. Wrists actually, but still, these go back over 15 years and don't impact terribly on my life. Actually that's a lie - they don't impact at all. One was falling out a tree, then I broke the same one falling off a sk8 board but there is no impact on either my ability to type or drive - which seem to be the two "key skills". Ho Hum. Hopefully after they've finished dissecting my life they can issue me a formal job offer and a contract. While my spending isn't at the boglin level I need to pay off my Credit Card bill eventually.

Arranged to see some (expensive) houses tomorrow, and will be taking to a diversion on the way home tongiht (to Lutterworth) to collect shiny iPod!!!

More tATu stuff found by Clive here.

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