Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Playing catch up

So another dull week passes. At the moment I feel in limbo in so many ways and overenthusiasm is the least of my problems.

There have certainly been highlights - I got a perverse pleasure in watching some jaws hit the ground, I got to do a talk for a new audience which is normally fun and I have some arguments at work to look forward to next week. However, apart from that I'm waiting on a couple of jobs - I've reached the conclusion that I probably won't be where I am (work-wise) for very much longer - so my emotional commitment is running low.

Maybe it's because this is another Birmingham holiday between skiing, maybe it's because I'm having another midlife crisis.

Maybe it's because I've not had breakfast yet because someone has sprayed porridge over the inside of the microwave.

Tags: widatw, work

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