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[GPP] Depeche Mode

Nearly a year after buying my ticket the Depeche Mode bandwagon rolled into Birmingham last night and I, along with a capacity NEC crowd, were there for a solid couple of hours of synth.

I've seen DM twice before, once in 1993 in Crystal Palace and 2001 at the NEC. I was most perturbed when november_girl pointed out that Crystal Palace was 1993, but I digress.

From a music perspective it was a good gig, not brilliant, but good. They belted out the dance classics in the main set then had a slower, more contemplative encore which for me was a little dull - if I'd have missed it I wouldn't have felt cheated. Dave Gahan continues to show the benefits of hard-drugs over food on his figure while the others look a little more "rugged" shall I say.

I did manage, against my expectations, to get a photopass, but the arrangements were dreadul. Part of the stage set was big screens, fed almost-live from cameras around the stage and in the photo-pit, which meant that instead of having the run of a reasonable area we were (all 6 snappers) stuck in a small box about 8 foot by 4 foot which rather restricted the variety of shots that could be taken. I was mainly amused because I wasn't relying on getting a good shot to pay the mortgage.

After that it was off to Eddies for the aftershow party. This wasn't too bad, but I don't think that an aftershow for a gig should try and play the artist's entire back catalogue one after the other. Nice to see Ben after so many years, enjoy the company from the (sober) stelmaria_clg, (not-so-sober)missymodee and to say a brief hello to november_girl and ephraim.

Anyway, some samples below and there might be some more on Monday. Off to Kryogenix in Notts later, possibly after a quick stop at GothSoc on the way.

Depeche Mode Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode Depeche Mode
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