Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Another go-to-London-for-short-meeting day...

Thankfully there has been some good news - I seem to have waved the magic-press-plag for WGT 2006. This is very exciting and will make me absolutely terrible company for my partners in crime no doubt - so I should apologise in advance. davefish - will you be "working" or "playing"?

Now all I have to do is work out how to get all my gear to Europe in one piece.

Hopefully Placebo tickets will have popped through the door, which leaves me a fantic packed shooting schedule for the rest of the year already just with festivals (Dark City, WGT, Whitby x2 [kinda counts] and Infest) and then there are the separate gigs I'm hoping to confirm (HIM, Placebo and Nitzer Ebb). Plus all the people I hope to shoot in the gaps. Plus all the other passions I want to enjoy. This weekend could be three shoots - Scarlet on Friday, Diamond Rendezvous on Saturday and Placebo on Sunday. Ow - my backlog!


Luckily I bought another 600GB of hard drive the other day and spent much of yesterday watching them mirror another volume - which took about 8 hours over USB).

Now at Euston. What a jetsetter eh!
Tags: gig, london, whitby
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