Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Chick Flicks

After reading some not-totally-negative reviews in SFX, I thought I'd spend a couple of hours of my life watching Æon Flux and Underworld - Evolution.

Quite unexpectedly neither was a complete waste of time, despite more than one cringing moment with each. I loved the design of the first film and it's nice to see that in the same way that more-beautiful-people-than-others-fly-in-TV-land - in the future we'll all be pretty - or is that only the pretty ones will survive - except for a token Pete Postlethwaite.

It's a complete travesty that Kate Beckinsale's bum didn't win any awards for a second Underworld outing, but she had a lovely self-repairing costume and it has to win "best use of Helicopter in hand-to-hand combat".

Deep and thought provoking they are not - fun they are.

I also watched Episode One of Popetown - The banned TV series they didn't want you to see!. Don't bother. Not because it's offensive against the Catholic Church - just because it's rubbish.
Tags: film
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