Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Treasure Trap - Redux

When I was a student you could pretty much guarantee that ever weekend I'd be playing LRP linears; every day I'd be socialising at the university Student's Union and every evening I'd be eating junk food and chewing the fat with the same people. Eventually my LRP drifted into other places and my enthusiasm for badly written, badly costumed cross country pantomime ran low.

So, perhaps ten years on I surprise myself with a small but growing amount of enthusiasm to spend one of my few free weekends, rather than processing photographs, running around the woods in search of my youth. I promised myself that I'd go if it was sunny and probably leave it if it was raining. Of course, it was sunny when I left the house and tipping down with rain by the time I got to the Lickey Hills.

Change is a funny thing and I was most intrigued looking around at the others who turned up and performing mental comparisons about how our lives have gone. Most of us were less fit, most of us had less hair but most importantly I think we'd pretty much all grown up. What was once a hobby based on bitching and infighting was now a lot more relaxed and instead about "some people" having "some fun". This was a double-edged change. It meant there was a lot less passion for me as I didn't "care" particularly about the experience as a whole; but on the other hand it meant that I took it all in my stride and saved my blood pressure a few points.

There's no doubting I can blame me going on NWO - I was left with a cancer of enthusiasm growing at the core of my being. Trap was simply the most convinient way of dealing with it. My expectations were pretty low but it was better than I feared - so I can't complain. Still the next time I LRP for all I'd prefer a better looking game, a more engaging game and just a bit more substance - I can't fault the good-nature and heart.

Now, what else haven't I done for 10 years...

Kudos to rinkyandmerlin for cat-herding.
Tags: birmingham, lrp

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