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[GPP] Covenant

Earlier this week I had a jolly good time seeing Apoptygma Berzerk at Edwards in Birmingham, which actually nearly restored my faith in the place, even if it did make me wonder how terrible the attendance was considering the size of the city. A couple of weeks ago I had a rather poorer experience seeing Covenant plus friends who brought a less-inspiring, worse-sounding gig to the same venue. Plus the lights were terrible.

That said, it's probably a little unfair expecting too much from artists when they don't have a lot of infrastucture to work with and a reasonably healthy but hardly packed-out crowd. Don't get me wrong though, I'd rather travel 1.5 miles to a gig rather than 1.5 hours to London or Sheffield.

Covenant Covenant
Covenant Covenant

Full Set - Covenant, Birmingham, May 2006

Pride And Fall Pride And Fall
Pride And Fall Pride And Fall

Full Set - Pride And Fall, Birmingham, May 2006

Revolution By Night Revolution By Night
Revolution By Night Revolution By Night

Full Set - Revolution By Night, Birmingham, May 2006

BBC - Birmingham - Entertainment - Covenant- Live review
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