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Not a lot to say really - but writing this LJ is a way of passing the time. As it is I've got lots of other things I could be doing on this PC, but for some reason pointless rambling is more attractive than anything productive.

I'm not quite sure how this post will work, but I'm writing this Wednesday night in a hotel, though I'm unlikely to post it before Thursday evening. Mind you, this hotel might be nicely positioned next to Sloane Square tube, but no coffee, tea or biscuits doesn't leave an impressed Simon.

Today started badly, but has gotten better. I was at New Street at 7am in very good time for the 7:15 to Euston. Only it was cancelled. So was the 7:33. So instead of getting in to the conference on time, I was in a bit late - but on the plus side - did bump into (almost literallty) jfs at Euston.

Conference was ok - though I was volunteered at last minute for a panel discussion by my ex-boss - who then proceeded to "forget" to ask me to answer any questions. Power games hum. But I smiled it off like a true professional ;-)

First day of secondment tomorrow - which should be cool - if anyone bothers to give me any work to do which they showed no signs of doing today!

And some (kinda) good news - one of my ex-team - who all have contracts which end at the end of March, has got a new job. Congratulated him today and put up with moans about their interim manager...

Bah - best try and do something productive. Thanks to ephraim's encouragement my latest LRP scheme has moved a step closer to reality. You'll all see if anything actually comes of it as I'll expect you all to come!

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