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Mainly I sweated and destroyed my goth anti-tan through being out in the daylight too much.

It was, for those of you who understand these things, another Maelstrom event. This one and the one before it have been especially nice being 25 minutes from my own bed, which can't be bad. As it was thoiugh while a lot of the backroom stuff (I could tell you, but...) went very well I was less than happy with much of my photography. This isn't a fish for compliments btw.

I went, I snapped, I chatted, I made things happen. I got too hot, I helped pack a truck, I gained more respect for some people and lost respect for others. Usual story really.

I worry sometimes I can't talk about anything other than photography, I worry that I'm a bit crap sometimes and I worry I'm a dull one-trick pony. There was a letter in this weeks Amateur Pornographer which said (to paraphrase) "Just because someone has once taken good photographs doesn't mean that they should be above criticism". Wise words. Not a problem I'll have while there are still booze and nyarbaggytep and the world, fortunately.

Now, the decision is to go to a dull user forum, or do some work. I'm strangely tempted for the latter considering how dull it was yesterday afternoon; and how there are other things occupying my mind that I shouldn't pander to - but am ultimately weak.

The full set of photos are at http://www.disturbing.org.uk/images/lrp/pd/shenanigans/index.htm and behind the cut are some I like.

Maelstrom - Shenanigans Maelstrom - Shenanigans
Maelstrom - Shenanigans Maelstrom - Shenanigans
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