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From Russia with Love

First this

What was the last thing you bought?

tATu single (to help those poor girls out of their potato eating poverty. Along with Eminem single (the first singles I've bought in about 7 years). I also got "Effendi" by Jon Courtenay Grimwood. I came across Mr Grimwood after reading an SFX review - read book one and was so intrigued that I want to *shock horror* a shop to buy the second one. I've never really worked in a city centre before - so having a regular day in Westminster is a reall shock to me - and my wallet.

b>What was the last thing you bought that you regretted?</b>

A Bounty on Friday. I don't need chocolate - and if I had more self control.

What was the last CD you bought? Any good?

See the above. Both good :-)

What is the longest friendship you have had?

I think it's about 10 years. There are people I've _known_ longer than that - but not to the stage whereI can say there is regular contact or friendship.

What word/s do you use for your friends ('mates', 'pals' etc)?


What word/s do you use for your partners ('SO', 'lover' etc)?

I'm just not going there. Whatever I say it'll be the wrong thing at the wrong time ;-)

What is the best gift you have ever received?

I can't think of a specific thing - I get lots of nice things from nice people. More nice things from one person than many others - which is good because it makes me feel special.

What is the best roleplaying moment you have experienced?

I think actually it came at Omega - at the "Plea for Help" event a few years ago - it was me, and a number of other Spirit Folk who were investigating the giant head (this sounds so shit in text ;-)) and each of us got to some kind of headspace, where there really was this presence for our characters - and it's forged some very strong bonds between them. The survivors anyway!

And the worst?

One that comes to mind was a time I was playing a corpse, and for some reason I was just overcome with laughter. Not very proud of that one. Hopefully I'm the only one who remembers it...

What book are you reading at the moment? (or last read. If several, the one you dipped into last!)

Effendi - Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Do you read one genre of literature, or many?

Many. I read more Sci-Fi/Fantasy than anything else, but I've been making an effort to expand my horizons and read more of a variety.

Are there any genres you detest?


What about films? All one type, or a variety?

Much as the above. I see more thrillers and horror at the cinema than I read in book form; and the converse relating to porn :-)

Any film genres you can't stand?

Romantic Comedy. Somebody once persuaded me to see Notting Hill on the basis that "Four Weddings..." was amusing. To say I was unimpressed would be an understatement.

What is the the best job that you have had?

One of the things I get off on is being taken seriously and respected, and elements of my last and current job let me do that. So I guess they're good. Definitely not marking rituals at LT....

If you could do one thing once ever without any consequences to yourself, what would you do?

There's a lot of things I've fantasised about. I guess the longest term is that for a while I've considered what it would be like to be in a serious car or aeroplane crash. And that's the kind of thing I'd like to experience without consequence.

So to the last weekend. This was spent somewhere on the Latvia/Lithuania border, in the company of members of the party, some of whom turned out to be war criminals, and others were smuggling weapons into Afganistan... Still, the KGB catering was excellent for the most part, and the scotch as good (or is that bad) as I remembered.

There's something quite sad, as I discovered, about being an ex-MI5 defector who has sunk into alcoholism and depression, but on the other hand even old dogs can have there day - and its nice to be on the right side when the waiters get our their AK47 variants.

I was pleasantly surprised by Tim's latest freeform, it wasn't infected by Martians, Squid or Aliens; no-one's half-dead grandmother burst through the wall - and it was as it had said on the tin - political roleplaying. This meant it was a bit dry, but needless to say the fine company rose to the challenge - talking about the infamous Molotov Cocktail parties, how the British attempt to fake moon landings with bits of pink sock, and my own favourite - the Rizla game using "Heroes of the Revolution". I did think for a moment I should make a comment about always seeming to play good-guys at LRP these days - then I remembered Omega and NWO. Certainly though, at these small freeforms I tend to end up as a "straight man" rather than an "evil manipulator" - but then I'm sure the latter would be so difficult for anyone to suspend disbelief on knowing my normal good humour and character.

In "real-life"... used some handy fire-extinguisher on a poor old bridge, which suffered a lot of burning a while ago and was still smouldering. Not sure how stable it is yet - but awaiting fire-inspectors report. Unlikely to be suited for heavy goods - but maybe for pedestrians.

Now I'm back - could do with food, coffee and rest before seeking out boglin and ephraim later.

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